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New Year Greetings-Message from the Head Business Development

Dear Team GTB,

Hope 2016 was an eventful yet a successful year for you.
Now I Know there were challenges, some really big ones which at that moment shook the ground beneath us, but nevertheless we as a team still are fighting our ways through all the odds and are standing tall.
What does give me great pride personally is me working with one of the excellent teams that can be found today and for a long long time.
As 2017 is dawning upon us, its time for us to take our game to the next level, in order to achieve our goal of a 40 CR revenue and also move step closer towards GTB’s vision “to become a collaborative partner to our customers in their journey of growth through our values of integrity and continuous innovation”.
All of us here either belong to the upper middle or top level management jobs. what we need at this point of time is some really important leadership traits that which by practice in turn becomes the value of governance of GTB’s organisation system.
Here are some that is going to help you and me in order to get achieved our goals for 2017…
1) We need to constantly upgrade, evaluate (review) our people working below us and also need to evaluate our own performance and hence get coached to upgrade ourselves…
2) The goal and the vision is not something that we should be having for the sake of it, but we need to breathe it and discuss it over and over again on various review meetings be it budget reviews, operation reviews, sale reviews etc.
3) No negativity- Preach and live only positivism. be optimistic about our targets.
4) We as a leader need to develop and promote candidness among our juniors only to bring about the trust among each other and increase in the efficiency of our organisation system.
5) Lets be so courageous and find ourselves always in action.
6) Lets set up an example for others to follow, be it workers, competitors, newcomers etc…
7) Last but not the least for the sake of God… ENJOY AND CELEBRATE LIFE…
Also we will be having every 10 days sales review meetings and every week will be operations review meeting.