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GTB Transformers supporting Banking Sector by fulfilling their energy requirements

GTB Transformers- with a vision of providing #sustainable infrastructure in electric power industry.

We, Leading Transformer supplier in the Banking sector are supporting Banking Industry-“The Backbone of the Indian Economy” by Fulfilling power requirements with our #Energy #Efficient distribution transformers from the last 3 years.

We use high-quality conductors of copper aluminium in our products. Round or rectangular copper/aluminium wires ribbed with thermally upgraded insulating paper which are applied in oil-immersed transformers. As a result, The winding have a compact size, excellent heat transmission and low load loss. It has high lighting impulse resistivity and outstanding anti-short-circuit strength. Our oil-immersed transformers are insulated by electrical grade insulated press board and thermally upgrade insulating Kraft paper. We have used best quality cold rolled grain oriented and laser processed silicon steel sheet. As a result, It provides low iron loss, low noise, and compact size and have the best performance for high-efficiency transformers.

GTB , a well-known brand within the Rice Industry, is a Leading Transformer supplier in Banking sector in North India. For more detailed information about safe, durable and environment-friendly transformers, contact us on our communication line@ 9914192600.
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First Transformer Manufacturing Company To Use Android App for business.

If you carefully observe innovation around you, perhaps you may find the unspoken process of their birth in the industry. The time has changed and its the customer that decide the business and we support their decision. As for time and again GTB Group has invested in technology to ease the client from the tedious job by launching its service app “GTB Transformers” on Google Play store.


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